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Our goal is to provide the average investor with a technology platform that makes investing in Real Estate easy and affordable. Using crowdfunding we enable you to invest with confidence in the Real Estate sector by connecting you with lucrative opportunities.


Previously, property investments were available only to individuals of a high net worth, as these types of investments required large amounts of capital. Investors who did not have access to large amounts of capital could only invest in property indirectly and did not have exposure to the underlying asset and it’s cash flows.

Crowdprop was founded on the premise of fulfilling the needs of the average investor through the use of crowdfunding. We also noticed how difficult it was for property owners to raise capital and it became our mission to raise capital and connect it with lucrative opportunities in the real estate sector.



We are forward-thinking and energetic, with a distinctive ability to proactively anticipate and confidently 'act' on the future.


In touch with the realities of the average South African today, we connect people to people and people to opportunities to keep unlocking greater shared value through property investment.

committed to Africa

We believe in the potential of our continent and its people to lead successful lives when enabled with the right opportunities.

Real approachable

We are an easily approachable source of smart thinking wealth creation potential.

We are a resilient and passionate team that focuses on making real estate accessible to everyone. For the first time ever, investors are able to choose low cost property investments that allows them to earn passive income and realise their financial goals.

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Zak Omarjee

CEO & Founder

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Faadil Moti

CFO & co-founder

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Nazeer Cassim

Non-Executive director

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Yusuf Moti

Chairman & Non-executive director