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How It Works

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Real estate investments that have been successfully screened by our experts

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What you can afford and own a fraction of a property along with other investors

Bouncing Money


Regular income in the form of rental distributions from the property



The investment once the term has come to an end and get your capital out

Due Diligence

Crowdprop uses independent experts to analyse every property through a strict screening process. This process ensures that only safe and qualified investments are listed on our platform.

Raising Funds

Each investment is listed for 30 days in order to raise the amount required. During this time investors’ funds are safely held in a custodian’s bank account. If the total amount is not raised in time your funds will be returned to you.

Crowdfunding Model

The property is divided into various shares so that you and other investors are able to invest and own a portion of the property from as little as R10 000. You will own the property collectively with other investors.

Ownership Structure

We create ring-fenced Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV’s) for each investment. Investors are given shares according to their proportion of ownership. The property is owned by the SPV.

Passive Investing

Rental income from your property is paid into your Crowdprop wallet. You don’t have to worry about dealing with tenants or property owners. Crowdprop manages it all for you.

Cashing Out

Property investments are usually long term investments. Once the investment term has come to an end the property will be sold and you will receive your portion of the proceeds from the sale.

Invest in 4 easy steps

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Your profile with Crowdprop. The process is quick and simple

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Your identity by uploading your FICA documents to comply with SA regulation

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Your money into available property investments and diversify your portfolio

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Rental income and capital appreciation from your investments.

Beyond traditional market investments

For investors looking to expand their portfolio beyond traditional bonds and stocks, Crowdprop provides an easy and affordable way to access property investments and gain exposure to this proven asset class.

By adding real estate to your investment portfolio, you will be able to achieve diversification and lower your overall portfolio risk. This maximises your return on investment as various asset classes react differently to global financial trends.

Picking the right investment options

Crowdprop gives you the freedom as an investor to choose which properties you would like to invest in. Spread your capital and risk amongst various attractive high-yielding properties in order to achieve a truly diversified portfolio.

Each property is carefully screened against our strict financial models before it is listed as a potential investment on our platform. We scrutinise every detail and apply traditional risk evaluation methods in reviewing each property to ensure a safe investment for you. 




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