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Crowdprop offers property owners and developers the opportunity to fund their property via our platform

Get the funding you need in the time required by gaining access to thousands of willing investors

Crowdprop offers you a distinct financing advantage

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Our team will collaborate and work closely with you in order to structure a personalised funding solution that suits you and your property.

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Crowdprop will market the property for you through our digital channels and handle all financial transactions between you and the investors

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Our expert team will focus on the legal, financial and consulting requirements allowing you the freedom to focus on your priorities.

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Gain access to ready to deploy capital from our network of investors who are willing to invest in your property today.

“Crowdprop adopts industry best practices in vetting properties to be listed on our platform”​

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Please note that only 
equity funding is available 
on our platform

Each property funding application is subject to strict due diligence processes to ensure the safety of investors funds. Crowdprop reserves the right to reject any application that it deems unfit for its investors.